QTP Crashes when using text Checkpoint

Problem: I was trying to insert text checkpoint in QTP but unfortunately every time I clicked on the object to perform the text checkpoint for, my operating systems crashed.  I am using QTP 10.0 and windows 7.


You need to uninstall the system driver pal_drv.sys. This driver was developed for the text recognition mechanism that QTP doesn’t support now.

The following steps describe the process of uninstalling the driver:

Step1: Go To command prompt. [Start > Run > Type cmd]


 Step2: Change directory to C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin using the command

cd C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin

Step3: Type in nt_tr.exe –remove as shown in the image below.You will see a message box stating Text recognition has been uninstalled.






Step 4: Reboot machine.



How to downgrade from IE10 to IE9 in Windows 8 ? & IE9 to IE8 in Windows 7 ?

Problem/Question :

I am using Windows 7 and IE 9 to work with my QTP 10 installation. The problem is sometimes, QTP10 Recording Script would not recognize objects on the web page. This doesn’t happen frequently but it does happen and that is frustrating. :(

The same is true for IE 10 on Windows 8 and how do I downgrade from IE 10 to IE 8 ?

Solution :

This is a common problem for QTP10 scripts which won’t capture the steps in QTP script while recording in IE9. To solve this issue, just try to downgrade your IE9 to IE8 to make it work fine as expected. Please follow the below steps to achieve that.
Open Control Panel

2 - Program and Features3 - View Installed Updates

4 - Uninstalled IE 9 Update

I think this is it ! Don’t forget to Restart your PC now.

PS: The same applies for Windows 8 IE 10 version if you want to move to IE 9. Once done, then you can repeat the steps for downgrading from IE 9 to IE 8.  Cheers !